Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"So What's the Objective?"

I am known to say this a lot.

I work for a fast-paced multinational, am a wife and a mom to a new preschooler.  Frankly, it's nothing new in the world, but they overwhelm me with an intense need to master each role.  

Seriously:  when I was a single yuppie, I would spend weekends working, reading marketing books, and volunteering for charities where I could exercise my newfound mastery.  (I know, right.)

When I married an awesome guy, I did my homework too : I saved DIY home magazines, researched recipes to cook and read 'Don't Sweat The Small Stuff In Love'.  Then having a baby surprised me with the ferocity of unselfishness.  And responsibility.  I must have read and re-read all the literature on breast feeding and baby care there ever was.

This leaves me ten years later with the classic predicament of juggling time to do everything in my head + wife/mom guilt/inadequacy.  Now add a handicap of being notoriously absent-minded, then it's no surprise that focusing has been a key life strategy lately.

So what is the objective of this blog?  It's to focus my thoughts into actually doing stuff.  And since I know there are a lot of DIY Corporate Moms out there who want to be hands-on in their worlds too, hopefully this helps someone out there someday.  Maybe me again, when I forget to focus.