Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Inevitable Christmas Revamp at Home

Without snow in our side of the world, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without over-the-top decor and lots of glorious lights.  But after our recent renovation, I didn't want to move a single box anymore.

But finally some Christmas spirit won out.  That and Ladybug Girl, who at five seems to have grown into Christmas a little more this year.  She began wondering where our decorations were.

Last year she was completely uninterested in the Christmas morning action around her.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Cheap Chalk Play Round-Up

This is really just one suggestion: bring chalk along when you're going out with the kiddies.  Especially this holiday season when it's nice to stay outside in the cooler tropical air.

You may have already seen our chalkboard door in previous posts:

And our chalk-on-paper activity trays.

A handheld chalkboard is a regular material at Montessori schools for practicing writing.  I made one for our playroom using the back of a wooden puzzle set and spare paint from the chalkboard door project.
As you can see writing practice is not a favorite activity.

We also take chalk outside to draw on our garage steps.

In her lola's garden steps.

And in public places.  We've done this in random places like a fishing raft restaurant...

And the public park in Bonifacio High Street.  This huge rock was the scoreboard.

They drew on stepping stones.

Whoever stepped on the most drawings won - it didn't make sense but that wasn't important.

It's easy to ignore the humble chalk in today's frenzy of fancy art supplies and gadgets.  But when you whip it out at the right moment, be prepared for some pure childlike fun.

The laughter brings in the Christmas spirit that much sooner.

Now I wish I had a chalkboard wall at work!  

Friday, 6 December 2013

Math Rods Are Genius!

Math is my least favourite skill.  Ten minutes of financial talk at work and I start to zone out.  I even failed accounting in college.  That, folks, is why my husband does our household finances.

Now that my little girl is in preschool, I dread the prospect of having to go through math again.  But apparently there are better ways now - ways even I get excited about!  If like me, you're not sure how to supplement math at home, I hope you find this useful.