Friday, 7 December 2012

Easy Weekend Play: DIY Christmas Wrapper

Weekends are when we have the more - shall we say - fun activities where I can join in and supervise more.  But really, it's just my sneaky way of making sure she'd like activities with me, not yaya.  Besides when it's more fun, it lessens the chore that playtime can sometimes feel like.

I'm already looking forward to the weekend after a long week at work.  I think I'll revive this little activity for the holiday preparations!

Take some paint and a big piece of craft paper and make prints with feet and hands.  Even better with a playmate (that's how this one was made):
Tape the paper on floor and have her step on trays filled with paint
Then use it as wrapping paper!

She wasn't too adept at her fine motor skills enough to help with the wrapping then, but we'll try again this year as we remember three special steps from Special Agent Oso.

Three steps (that are really five) to wrapping paper
Wish we had started out early because I discovered that you can DIY edible paint for babies too!
Edible paint recipe here

What I will never, ever do again is this:
So wrong...
... to try this with a real stamp pad.  
We both went to school/office with purple hands and feet for the next two days.  

For an intelligent parent, I can be pretty dumb sometimes.  

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