Monday, 13 May 2013

Animal Match Sticker Game

I bought these Melissa and Doug reusable stickers some time last year to use as a sort-the-animals-to-their-habitat activity.  It was cute and had at least 12 kinds of animals to each habitat.

Worth the 350-peso price tag, I thought.

I set up four of the habitats as a leave-behind activity on the whiteboards and mixed up the stickers for more of a challenge.

She wasn't so into it.  If you can see, none of the farm animals made it to their habitat.

Except this lost little guy, that is.  We had a good laugh that night.  

So I switched tactics.  Thankfully the stickers are peel-and-stick-again!  Since they also stick on whiteboard surfaces, I made a fill-in-the-blank game instead like this:

I had reset the whole thing on a Sunday, and already Ladybug Girl couldn't wait to get started.
I left out the appropriate Cat-in-the-Hat habitat book for her to look for clues if she needed to.

We did three habitats throughout the course of a few weeks:

Savanna animals

Rainforest animals
Ocean animals.  This time I walked in after I got home and caught her doing it.

Ladybug Girl even invented names for the unidentified fish, using the only few letters and numbers she knows how to write:

Hello fish A17TA17, why not.

This is a nice activity for sight-word practice too.  I originally designed it as an intuitive leave-behind activity to do while mommy is at the office, but it works as a stay-at-home game too. 

Now that's the excitement I was going for!

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