Friday, 7 June 2013

Hammering Hearts

I am not particularly girly, but I couldn't resist some heart paper fasteners at a paper craft store.

So Ladybug Girl got to use them on another leave-behind activity to do while I was at work:

A hammering tray!

Here's how I made it from an old cork board piece you can get at National Bookstore:

I used two boards so the pins don't poke through the other side and secured the edges with tape (I used washi tape).  Finally tape down a thin piece of kitchen tissue roll.

Draw a design on the tissue using dots as a guide.  You can always leave it up to them to freehand too.

I did this in a few minutes while this strange event was going on:
It's a long story.

Here it is when she finished hammering all the hearts in:

And a few days later, I left some nail polish bottles in fun colors for her to paint the hearts (this was without a photo due to the early morning rush to work):
We ripped out the kitchen tissue together that night.

And here is what it looks like temporarily hanging on her art gallery wall:

If I had discovered these fasteners when Ladybug Girl was younger, I would have used a squishier base like styrofoam.

We tried it together one weekend anyway.

You didn't even need a hammer to push it in, but it was fun!

We only had a styrofoam ball handy, which I split into two and we painted each half with our favorite colors.

Any ideas what else I can do with them?  Valentines is a long way off!

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