Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter In Our Little Corner

Unlike Christmas, Easter feels deliciously lazy around here.  It helps that everything closes down for the Holy Week.   Everyone looks forward to either rest, reflection, or family time.  Hopefully all three.  

It's my 5-year old daughter's favourite holiday.

The chill feel extends to our play.  Nothing too elaborate and effortful, really.  

Easter egg-themed play to leave-behind while mom's at work:

Contact-paper easter egg tray.  Use random stuff you have - ours were store-bought scrapbook decor and glitter.  Don't forget to glue the paper sticky side out!  Just leave it out as long as it takes to finish.

Easy egg dyeing for after-work hours:

Let your child put food colouring in the water and dip the egg repeatedly.
Tip: place the egg in a whisk to stay neat.
Except we aren't neat -- ever.

Then egg-decorating on the weekends!

We only do a few though, I get guilty making food into play.
Influence of third-world living!
 This year, my ate gifted Ladybug Girl with these plastic eggs to decorate.  Thanks, Squishy!

They're from Rustans Flower Shop, 70 pesos for four eggs.  They have a matte finish unlike the usual plastic easter eggs - great for art and for encouraging brow-creasing concentration.  We just used markers on-hand.

More weekend-only fun -- when the morning-rush becomes the morning art-show:

Make plastic egg characters with paper cut-outs and a lump of clay inside for balance.
(This was two years ago)

Lastly some precious memories-building with her lolo and lola.

We've stayed in their province home for the past two Holy Week holidays

Ladybug Girl spends hours out in their huge garden

Ladybug Girl is also at an age when she's starting to understand that being with the parentals can be boring.  So now when we explain that mass is extra-long, or what a recollection is, she accepts the decision to stay home.

Cleaning construction dust from church pews out of boredom.

Before bedtime one day I asked her why Easter was her favourite holiday.  I couldn't believe it wasn't Christmas, and I said as much.  "But mo-ommy," she explained, "Easter is more colourful!"  

"But it's Jesus' birthday at Christmas time," I said.  "But Easter is better because Jesus rose from the dead!" she insisted.  

Good point, sweetcheeks.  You were paying attention after all.

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