Thursday, 24 July 2014

Rain Splatter Art

When it's the weekend, my daughter and I rejoice because we get to play messier and for longer periods of time compared to our after-work routine on weekdays.

Now that the rainy season has come again to Manila, it's time to try this fun art play again:

Pop out a few chosen water-colour shades from the el cheapo set, a "crusher", and mess-keeper bag.

Let the little one whack to her heart's content.  Her patience lasted less than a minute.  So typical.

I think an adult and a rolling pin should finish the job - you'll see why later

Now arrange the crushed colours in a tray:

This should be ground into finer pieces - maybe with a mortar and pestle

Bring outside!  You can watch the rain make art, or you can leave it.  If you choose to leave it though, don't use trays!  We came back to a brown swimming pool.

You can't see it much in these photos, but the fine grains left the best colour

If you'd like to watch on fast forward, try this fun way:

Use food colouring!  This post from Mama.Papa.Bubba inspired our own version.

Making art in the rain?  Or letting the rain make art?

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