Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Working Mom's Choice

Twice a day, my decision to be a working mom is put to the test.  

The first is when I leave home in the morning.  The energy needed to overcome the inertia of being mommy-mode at home takes lots and lots and lots of coffee.  

The second is ironic because it's when I leave the office.  Because of traffic.  Manila traffic mocks me everyday:  you asked for this.  this is living the dream, baby.
So why do I do it?  

Mariel and Sanne of The Learning Basket asked me to write about why I made the choice to be a working mom.  These two moms are amazing homeschoolers, but we met purely through our online discovery of surprisingly common passions.  I've always been vocal that homeschoolers are my inspiration and I use many of their principles in my life as a working mom.

My answer wrote itself, and turned out to be intensely personal and related to the picture above.  Haha!  If you read it, I hope sharing its message brings you purpose and peace whatever life path you're on.  Thank you for being here, learning along with me!

Click here to go to the post on The Learning Basket.  

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