Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How I Get In The Picture Now

Every year I make a video compilation for my daughter's birthday.  It's a great, cheap way to look back and tell a story of the year that was.  The problem is I'm hardly ever in the story.  Nowadays I'm behind the camera.  Being a mom.  

My husband, however, could win Father of the Year thanks to my thoughtful art direction.  But no longer!  Last Sunday we went to the Christmas Light Show at the Ayala Triangle and took this:

This is why I love the Go Pro camera!  I was holding the discreet monopod just six inches away from my face, pointed towards Ladybug Girl.  The view is so wide, it's perfect for getting mom in the picture.  
I also don't look ridiculously self-conscious taking a selfie of myself. 
My new favourite mom gadget
Yes, I'm far from the target market of athletes.  (Far. Very far.)  But look, how useful it's turning out to be!  I won't go into specs here anymore, but it's just been an all-around delight for me in terms of sound and video quality.  The wide effect took time to get familiar with but it gets me some great tight shots I wouldn't normally get with an ordinary camera.
I even promised myself I wouldn't stress about how I'll look on video.  After seeing myself as we opened day 19 of our advent calendar first thing in the morning, it's given me some motivation to make an effort.  Under-eye concealer will be my friend.
Here's a test video of the first time I used the Go Pro on us :

Our next year's story will finally be complete!

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Do you get in the picture?  I'd love to know how.


  1. i feel you! im the missing mommy while husband is the doting dad according to my kidd childhood pics!

    1. Aren't our dads so lucky!? I love your blog!

  2. In our case, my hubby or I are usually in the pics since we typically have a camera each. It also helps that Yaya knows how to use our camera. :)

    1. Lucky you, Dette! My Yaya takes blurry videos and photos!


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