Saturday, 21 March 2015

For The Love of Splash Pads

As a parent in the third-world, I tend to be overly protective of my little girl.  Which usually means she can't get dirty, wet or sweaty for fear of getting sick.  A visit to Singapore as a first-time parent changed all that.  Thanks to public splash pads which are nearly everywhere.

It was liberating for both of us.

Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Vivo City Mall 
KLCC Park in Malaysia
Hong Kong Disneyland
Shangrila Mactan in Cebu (or any Shangrila Hotel in Manila) - not public anymore though!

Public splash pads are sorely missing in Manila,  but I've been desensitised now so I don't mind this:

SM Aura
At Market, Market fountain.  This time I left her spare clothes in the car so I had to wrap her in my cardigan afterwards!
If you've found other splash pads or fountains I'd love to know!

Here's our DIY version.  We've had it for three years now:

I felt ridiculous for buying it because all it is is a plastic tube with holes.  But how fun.

Just hook up a hose and you're good to go.

At her lolo and lola's house in Tagaytay
With her cousin's baby pool last year
With a cheap tin foil-made river when we had no plastic pool

And with another cousin who couldn't resist it either!

I don't have a garden or backyard space either, but maybe the garage this summer if we're desperate.   

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  1. ooooh this garden sprinkler is sooo cool! perfect for summers!

  2. Trina let's schedule a playdate soon!


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