Friday, 19 June 2015

Japanese Toys I Wish I Had

This summer we joined the mass excursion to Japan for the cherry blossoms.  I ended up bringing home a camera-full of my weakness : children's toys and books of the really cute, well-designed kind.  

Beautiful wooden legos which would probably get dirty in my house

These cute hand-drawn stamps which won't get any use.
Her favourite snack in an adorable wooden version.  
If this wasn't a set, I'd add this to our collection of pantry food that she never plays with anymore.
The safest, cutest stepstool you ever did see.

Those two wooden knights were almost irresistable.  They were large for smaller kids to play with.
And these retro plastic Kewpie dolls!  Just too cute.
Speaking of dolls, these are THE BEST  Star Wars versions I've seen anywhere.  I might just pretend to be a fan for these!
You might have seen the little Yoda on my desk on Instagram - he's my enneagram symbol.

But my heart belongs to wooden toys (Ladybug Girl couldn't care less).

A purple mini cooper?  Why didn't I buy you, little guy?
An advent calendar!  If only I had more disposable income for you beautiful, horrendously expensive thing!
I honestly would have started with these blocks if they were in Manila.
This is a tower reminiscent of a famous building in Harajuku.  I watched an old man make it in five minutes flat.

Look how they display toys at Isetan -- the Japanese use leave-behind trays too!  Haha!

I would be willing to buy a lot of these cute wooden trays to display toys at our Montessori-inspired playroom.

May I share my little slice of Japanese heaven with you?   

A nook of curated children's toys and books inside a Starbucks cafe in Roppongi Hills.  Browsing heaven.

I bought this!  For our DIY geography study at home.

This was Ladybug's Girl only purchase on this trip:

A wooden camera with a fisheye lens -- I want it for myself!
And so does her adorable cousin. 
Ah Japan, you were a different world.
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  1. Everything is just so cute and well designed. Though, to be honest, I'm most partial to the Star War plushies, 'cause I'm pretty sure my husband and daughter will bow before my feet if I get those for them. :)

    1. If I had REAL FANS in my house then I would have too!!!

    2. Loooooooove the Starbucks nook!


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