Tuesday, 8 December 2015

3 Christmas Play Ideas to Leave-Behind

Welcome to another installation of leave-behind play the corporate mama way.

Leave-behind play invitations were my working-mom hacks to doing the things that the lovely homeschooling and Montessori blogs were doing, just in a much easier way for both mama to prepare and child to follow.

Here are few things we did in the few years of Christmas past:

Leave a Christmas drawing prompt.
In this case, a piece of broken furniture glued to paper on a clipboard.

Leave some fine-motor practice - attach all the ornaments to this little wooden tree from Muji.

Or use a DIY felt tree (the ornaments were set up on the easel shelf)
Disclaimer: this was a cheat - from a book "My Very Own Christmas Tree"

Leave a blackboard, chalk and some mood decor

You might just come home to a Christmas scene all set to display.

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There's a handy gallery of all our leave-behind play in the sidebar!  

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