Friday, 29 April 2016

Shopkins Love and A Giveaway!

You must have heard of Shopkins by now.  It won toy of the year last year, and I won sucker mama of the year along with it.  Ever since it debuted in 2014 we've been collecting the damn things.

They are now on Season 5.  
I should've known the evil geniuses behind them would milk a good thing while it lasts.

Fast forward.  We now have 100+ extra Shopkins and am giving the whole lot of them away!
But first, let me share with you the sneaky ways they sparked more learning in our home.

Shopkins are basically grocery items given cute-as-heck human personifications.  
They look completely useless - of course, to a parent.

But then they become strangely addicting.  You need to collect them.  All.

As prophesized.
Pretend play?  Sure.
There's also an animated series on YouTube which the children magically find.

Sparking some child-led interest in art?  Nice.

So since she was crazy high for them, I decided to follow her lead and use them as a learning tool. 
 Just simple games for our daily floor time after office.  
I like to think my "homeschool" is really just shared play.

Like the Montessori mystery bag game where you identify an object through tactile sense only, we played "Mystery Shopkins":  whoever gets the most identified wins:

And since we don't play gross motor games enough, this "Shopkins Toss" game to practice hand-eye coordination.  Whoever gets it in the basket gets the point:

And then whenever I can connect a game to math practice, I always do and bust out our number sticks.  This was the time we practiced skip counting by twos:

You get a two rod if the Shopkin lands in the basket, a one if it lands in the box.  Later we add the points and skip count.

Adding up the points by making tens (each column is a ten)

They make cute math manipulatives as well.  Here she is practicing skip counting by 5s by marking each multiple on the hundred board using Shopkins:

Like this.

This one was her lead.  We played our favourite "Race to a Hundred" game with dice and number sticks and then we added Shopkins just for fun.  Basically using them as either counters or just for visual interest:

They also tell great stories.  

Here are the props to "my sisters and I are odd and even", demonstrating odd and even principles

And my favourite --  practice logical thinking!
Make a pair of Shopkins and explain why you matched them:

This one was loads of logic practice and fun.  It could be "a toothbrush and garlic pair - for bad breath cure" or "ice cream and milk because ice cream is made of dairy".  They get sillier and sillier!

Now for the giveaway, here they are.  All our extras from Season 1 to 4!
120 Shopkins in a Vending Machine Tin

66 Assorted Shopping Bags from Seasons 1 to 3

40 Shopping Baskets from Season 2

The retail value of this is more than three thousand pesos!  Oh yes I'm doing this, folks.  
(The force of Konmari remains strong in me)

Now since this is a big giveaway, all I ask is for you to pay for delivery or come pick them up.  I'm guessing that limits the giveaway to readers from the Philippines but you never know!  Haha! 
Let's align after you win, shall we?

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook and send me a private message that you're interested.  
Voila.  That's it.  I'll pick the winner after the weekend, and announce on Monday, May 2.

I'm so excited for these to find a good home!

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