Gallery: Montessori Inspiration for the Working Mom

There are tons of inspiration out there for doing Montessori-at-Home, but it is often from homeschoolers and former teachers.  They became my role models.  Seeing how painstakingly thoughtful each of their hand-crafted, time-intensive activities with their children are made me want the same for mine.

Montessori can be daunting for the time-constrained mom.  Especially when the fully-trained homeschoolers say sometimes a little knowledge is more dangerous than none at all.  If it weren't for my years of night-reading and self-research on all the amazingly deep resources out there, I might not have gotten the guts to actually try some Montessori at home.  Luckily, I realized that you don't need intensive training to adopt Montessori at home.  

Even for a working mom.

I've spent four ongoing years into it.  I've done things the long way and learned many things that don't work in our working-mom reality.  Our reality is a messy home and a village to help!

If you're a die-hard Montessorian, these work-arounds may not be for you.  But I've found that applying Montessori principles to make a home a thoughtful, nurturing one for a child is useful whether you're a working/home mama or a traditional/progressive schooler.   

So here I am still trying!  Here you will find how Montessori can be simple and how it can work for the working mom.   This is more of an overview,  but check out the other galleries for more.

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