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Moms who stick it out in the working world can relate: we want to parent our children as hands-on as we can while having a fulfilling career -- all without imploding upon ourselves.  This blog captures my shifting priorities and I think I am finding my solution : it's all through play!

Messy weekend play and more

My experiments come from a pretty left-field mash-up of inspirations : through discovery of playful parenting principles, I steal ideas from Montessori, homeschooling, and yes, even life lessons from my job to make play ideas and thoughtful parenting work better for a corporate mom.  

I have a demanding marketing career for a global company and I love using my talents everyday at my job.  Whatever I can do in my little corner of the working world, I hope I can change what I can to make corporate culture more empowering.  And I know I've got to be in the game for that.

Ladybug Girl in my office

Getting creative with these solutions also extends to our use of home space, which I capture here.  So many principles talk about how the physical environment has a big role to play in child development.  Cluttered home = scatterbrain mind.  Ugly home = uninspired spirits.  And let's face it, DIY homemaking is fun.  It's my play too.

A hidden play area in my home

By spending a little time on this space, I hope you will find it well-spent, too.  I am pretty selfish with my time, which means I value yours -- so I promise never to spam you with useless content and sell you stuff for no reason.  I try posting on the blog weekly, but more often update on Instagram.  I use Facebook mostly to share useful articles I find.  You'll find different things in each platform.

Thanks for being here!

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