Sunday, 4 November 2012

DIY Fantasy vs. Reality for Corporate Moms

I'm not particularly good at decorating, but I do it anyway.  Before getting married, I lived with my mom for 29 years with nothing much to do but buy pretty sheets for my small, shared bedroom.  

Suddenly, boom!  A whole house to decorate and organize.  I am blessed.  It's my new kind of play.  Sites Apartment Therapy and Young House Love replaced daily TV for me.

But the realities of a Corporate Mom mean things are always unfinished around here.  Take this work-in-progress for example: the foyer makeover.  The goal: something clutter-free and welcoming to come home to.  Time to complete: one year.  Yes, one year.  It became a running joke for my husband, who had never even heard of a foyer before.

Our entryway taken Christmas season, 2 years ago 
Cluttered half-done decor, 6 months later in July (from another angle)
Finally done: Christmas the year after
In case you're wondering, I'm still not done.  This is what it looks like another year later today.  (I've given up on the idea of a foyer and it's now where we eat).

View from the entryway, yet another year later

The whole DIY part of my life is hardly ideal, but I've made peace with it half the time.  The other half is filled with frustration of always having clutter and projects hanging over my head.  But the dream of a dream home lives on.  Such is the life of a DIY Corporate Mom.  

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