Monday, 12 November 2012

Insight: Benchmarking Makes Me Feel Like Crap

Multinational corpy-folk such as me would be familiar with a lot of self discovery tests that help teams do norming.  I've taken the following : Myers-Briggs Personality, Team Management Profile, Strengthsfinder, and my two all-time favorites: Innate Intelligence Analysis, and the Riso-Hudson Enneagram.  I am an INTJ, Creator-Innovator, Investigator (Type 5), Owl, Equally left/right brained, with Strategic+Ideation+Relator+Intellection+Maximizer strengths.

In my first-ever post, I confessed to the need for mastery in the roles of my life.  It make me so overwhelmed that my instinct is to hyper-focus on building knowledge and benchmarks to learn from - reading, researching blogs and Pinterest.  Now that I've taken to putting my thoughts for self-focus on a blog, I've run into self-doubt and hesitation whether I'm "good enough" when I benchmark with all the slick, content-planned-for-the-most-views work out there.    

Then today I got this in my email - daily wisdom for my enneagram type:

Thank you, Lord, for this reminder that it's not about getting it right but doing your best.

That Homeschool blogs are not the right benchmark for a working mom.

That Design/DIY blogs are not the right benchmark for someone who's from the Philippines, where Ikea is expensive and capable handymen and carpenters are so accessible.

That Pinterest is just turning into a time-sucking massive collection of future plans.

That I've been looking over my shoulder too much.

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