Monday, 10 December 2012

Take-Anywhere Learning Tool: Washi Tape

Washi tape isn't just pretty, it's become a tool I keep in my bag all the time.  I find so much value-for-money in it despite the premium price.
Washi tape can be found locally in Heima
I usually have a take-along activity bag for Ladybug Girl when we go out.  I change up the contents, but it always has washi tape in it.

Our art bag sparks a lot of uses.  Click here for a round-up.

Here's why:

safely stick down paper and coloring pages on any restaurant table surface to prevent it from moving around (I only have a picture of this sample activity we did at home)
It's easy to manipulate, so it encourages fine motor skills in Ladybug Girl
Her ninang used it to seal a book she wrote for her while on a trip
She liked playing with washi tape better than the mosaic stickers on the plane
Using tape to hang up our gallery of artwork done while eating/waiting during Singapore trip
Of course we use it regularly in her room for her leave-behind activity trays

Bonus: it's easy to cut for this little lefty

Using it as bandage while playing emergency room surgeon
Leaving her quick pretty notes to read
One time I didn't have her whole art bag with me, and we had to wait for Awesome Guy to finish a meeting at a restaurant.  I found washi tape in my bag, and stuck down old receipts on different tables - we played "read a secret note"and had so much fun.

Of course for crafty crafters, Pinterest has a lot of ideas for washi tape.  Maybe someday I'll have time for that, but these useful discoveries already make me feel a little craftier.

Puwede na yon, why ba.


  1. I love it that she's a leftie! :)
    Where do we get said washi tape in this country?

    1. I found some in Heima! Link under the first photo :) Also try Quirks (Shangrila Mall has a stall in the 5th/6th floor in front Adidas)

    2. Also try Paper and Print by Unico on Facebook

  2. <3!!! "read a secret note"??? Awwww!!!!

  3. How much is washi tape? :)


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