Saturday, 12 January 2013

DIY Labels for House Help

I went ahead and dived into organizing the bed linens drawer without too much thought.  And I must remember that this method often works best over my usual analysis paralysis.
I purged down to 2 stored linen sets while the other is being used.
I also realized that every new yaya inevitably brings chaos to the old system (which is why it was a mess), so I decided to label them.

Again my laughable DIY solution:
DIY labels on a notecard was the simplest method
I deliberately did not brief my housekeeper on the new system.  A week later I checked the drawer, and there were fresh linens, properly put away, with the notecards back on top.

An upside to DIY labels is more reader-friendly solutions:
I doubt "bolster" would have been as universal.
And finally since I wanted all the linens for the room to be grouped together, I had to concede that a certain small person would probably be co-sleeping with us for the meantime.

At least I can tell myself that we'll be more organized while living in this "temporary" shared bedroom status.
By "temporary" I mean four years.  And counting.

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