Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Make a Mattress Play Area

During the closet makeover project we did last month, we spent two weeks camping out in Ladybug Girl's playroom.  We had two mattresses and three closets-worth of clothes crammed in her space.

With most of her usual art, fine motor, and pretend play materials being difficult to access, we had to find another way to play - so we made a playground out of mattresses!  Wish we had done this when she was a baby and toddler!

Instant excitement!  It became a bouncy slide to roll down...

I may have rolled down a couple of times too

And climb!

We rolled a ball on it to practice her aim and coordination.

Then I would roll the ball up and she would catch it.

She grabbed a bucket to play 'Jack and Jill' which soon became a completely different pretend-story of her own.  Something about a missing pink elephant.

It was a fun way to build her gross motor skills this time.  She's a little behind on it, having just mastered jumping at 3.5 years old and all.  Maybe because she's petite for her age.  
Her same-age classmates are a head taller than Ladybug Girl!

And with her semi-fixed room two months later: we did it again!

Lately she's been jumping, twirling and balancing on things all over the place.  Fun!


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  2. Much safer than a real slide

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