Sunday, 18 August 2013

For Filipino Readers

International readers, please skip this post.

This blog isn't about politics, but I am a corporate employee and I pay taxes.  I want to witness this country rise from corruption and poverty and know I did my share.

And most of all I am a mom.  I want my daughter to love her country.  I want her to want to live in this country and feel proud.

I hope our leaders do right by our children

I won my first debate in second year highschool on the topic of pork barrels.  I was on the pro-pork barrel side, and we won on the sole basis of a lack of proof that corruption exists.  Oh the irony.

At a time when my generation is now holding higher levels in government jobs, I have to wonder how corruptible we are.  Peers of mine, please keep your consciences clear: we CAN STILL be too young to be corrupted.

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