Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Washi-ing the Playroom

After doing some civic duty in donating to flood victims, I need a break from being glued to Twitter and FB for gloomy news while the rains and floods keep us indoors.  

I will be washi-taping stuff.

Here's what's been done in the last month since Ladybug Girl's room was painted purple.  Yes, I said a month ago.  Don't judge me, I'm slow.

First the color scheme I was agonizing over.  My sister pointed me towards green and purple.  I never would have considered green!  Until she sent these helpful photos:

For future reference, a helpful co-worker pointed me towards this site of color combos which was so great I used it to decide on Ladybug Girl's colors for her birthday (poopoo) party next month.

First to get replaced was the wallpaper backing on the shelves, which was just cloth I stuck with double-sided tape:

This is not a good idea for cloth where the yellowed tape can show through.  But it held up fine for two years!

Remember that ridiculous pile of fabric I had during my last home purge?  Finally used one of them.

I love modern stripes!  Maybe too much since it's all over my home. 

Here's what it looks like for now, clutter and all.  I'm liking the green, what do you think?

Here's what it looked like before:

It feels a lot less cluttered now.

I washi'd her art gallery because I had a lot of green washi tape.

Me thinks me likey.

Here's what it looked like before:

I had our handymen paint the frames white first.

Very happy but maybe also little too-stimulating as a view in front of the bed

The new art gallery looks less cluttered: 

Art is stuck with washi tape (it never peels off the paint)

While the little girl was napping, I quietly washi'd to my heart's random content:

Her xylophone case is ugly no more.  But this took a whole half hour -- that's way too long for a corporate mom.

Alternating stripes have washi tape designs to lessen the boldness and blend into the room more.
(It's better in person)

I didn't spare the battery case of her hanging twinkly light decoration - it got washi'd too.

I didn't spare that screw head either.


As the washi madness takes over, I am relieved to share that I finally had those curtains hung up on either side of the bed to define the sleeping space.

It's pulled forward for naps/bedtime and pulled back otherwise

How the same area looked before:

See the transformation process here

Lastly, those red chairs and very stained table got a makeover too:

When they were brand new:

And still looking brand new thanks to spray paint:

I love the bright blue third accent color!

Ladybug Girl even got the washi tape home decor fever:

I came home one night to find neon price stickers and what-have-you on her bedside wall.

I like the purple walls now.  And that "washi'd" is now a completely legitimate word.

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