Friday, 13 September 2013

Ladybug Girl is 5

To our darling Ladybug Girl,

In the months leading up to your birthday, you would always say that you did not want to turn 5.  You did not want to be a big girl.  In your small voice, you softly explained why at bedtime - because you did not want to have your own daughter and leave our home behind.

But we love you so much more than when you were a baby.  It's true.  And though we call you our big girl, you will always be our baby girl.

We are so proud of you, sweetheart.  We already know you are so smart, because we are too.  But we are amazed at how kind and soft-hearted you are.  Sometimes that worries me because I know how easily you could get hurt and feel bad about yourself.  But someday you will know this as your strength.  You will see how rare you are and how much this world needs more poopoo parties and people like you.

May your heart stay pure, your laughter contagious, and may you never stop asking the question 'why'.

As my mommy always told me: I love you very much but never as much as Jesus loves you.



  1. Happy Birthday Ladybug girl!!!! Toooo adorable! You have the best Momma in the world!


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