Saturday, 21 September 2013

Play Ideas to Hijack the iPad

Most days, I'm grateful for the iPad.  I appreciate that Ladybug Girl learns a heckuva lot of things from all the educational apps and videos available today.  But somedays it's too much.

There are many options to intervene at this point but I think this Playful Parenting-inspired method is the least stressful for us both.  I say this: "LET'S MAKE OUR OWN (blank)!"

This usually wakes Zombie Girl up.

(Blank) is anything related to the iPad app or video of interest.  It is mostly unplanned when I suggest something because by now she has ideas of her own.  And also because this mostly happens after work days when I don't have energy for elaborate floor time.

Here are some ideas:

"Let's make our own Toca Band!"
One of our most favorite apps ever.  Worth the $5.  Apart from being so cute, it taught her rhythm.
We count the 8s beat before changing up the band players.

I wanted to create a whole new character, but she wanted to draw them.  This was a great discovery that Ladybug Girl was going from scribbles to kiddie drawings:

Cat Warbler
Her favorite: Ballet Piano Dancer

My favorite: Beat Boxer

"Let's make our own Clay Jam game!"
This was a highly addicting game where you push along a pebble to collect clay and make it big enough to fling the bully beasts away from each mountain.

This one we did over a few days.

We chose this cheap packet of modeling clay (40 pesos in Office Warehouse) over the Play Doh
Carving out monster designs
Playdough monsters idea isn't mine, but I couldn't remember where I first saw it!  And now it's all over the internet.
Clay + pipe cleaners + googly eyes.  It helps to have a well-stocked craft shelf.  
A few nights later, we painted a styrofoam structure just like the Clay Jam mountains.
A barbecue stick is holding these cut pieces together
And a few after that she stuck down the clay monsters with these heart fasteners
Wonderbeard, the bully beast (by me)
Jiggery Von Pokery, the clay god (by Ladybug Girl)

Our finished real Clay Jam game: we used this to act out the game -- especially about conquering the bully beasts.  She is fascinated and afraid of them.

"Let's make our own toy!"

Ladybug Girl loves watching toy ads on you tube but has never asked for a toy until this.  
It was very strange. 
Sweet Secrets has 4 million you tube views.  There's some voodoo going on here.

Here is her version.  She had a great time just creating it and she was done.

We "drew" the salon and house and stuck them in the box.  The process is the fun.

After doing this a few times, it's the easiest thing in the world to let the iPad inspire more play and imagination.  What are your kid's favorite apps and videos?  Just go with the fun!

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