Saturday, 10 May 2014

Relaunch... Or Something.

In my corporate world of marketing, we love using the word "relaunch". 
New ingredient and packaging?  Relaunch.
Someone came in early for once (me)?  Uy nag-relaunch ka na.
Officemate got a new haircut?  Ooh what's with the relaunch?
And then there's the vague "restage" which just means you're trying to manage everyone's sales expectations down.  
In the last year and a half since starting to put myself out there through this blog, I've noticed I've changed.  I've let myself become more empowered at work, and I feel I've become less judgemental of others.

As a pretty private person, that's a big relaunch.

But this blog still is what it was meant to be.  I didn't want a diary of my life - you won't see me posting daily reviews and sharing every moment of my family with you.  This blog is about useful ideas and thoughts that could be worth sharing with people who connect with my own values on hands-on parenting with a full-time career.

Having a blog is sometimes embarrassing I'll admit, 
because my husband and I used to snicker at people who have them.  
This is why.  And sometimes this is still true.
Hello, humility.  I was expecting you.

So when you eventually get to read this post, dear reader, I would humbly like to ask for your feedback on this little space.  If you're one of my treasured fifty who seem to have found something to follow faithfully, I'd love to know more about you!  

If you're part of the next two hundred or so to reach this space through a play activity, thank you for wandering over.  This new gallery page is built for you.

As for this new blog look, this is a restage relaunch restage...  
I haven't decided yet!

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