Friday, 16 May 2014

The First Step of Playtime

Get down on the floor.  This is when the magic starts.
When you're down on the floor you see the world as your child does.  You see how it can be a scary or fascinating place to explore.  Then the magic happens : you remember.
You remember how you had to take big steps to keep pace with everyone else.  You remember playing don't-step-on-the-cracks.  You remember that your mother's telephone stand was the perfect pretend-library to sell books.
And then it's like you're playing for the first time.   Crawl playgrounds and a secret world under the bed... all magic.
Remember when swimming pools seemed like an ocean?  Well, our favourite Ninang has an ocean.  It's actually a small-sized pool.  One day she invited Ladybug Girl to swim, said she was going to fill up the pool.  Ooh, idea!  After a couple of explanations, her Ninang got what we had in mind.

A baby beach!

The biggest bathtub in the world!

A pretend-playground!

She thinks it's a magical space.

And I do, too.

Thank you, Ninang Marissa for an afternoon of magic.

 That's my first step - what's yours?  When do you start to feel the magic in your playtime?

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  1. Sweet photos of Lady Bug Girl! I remember playing under our huge Narra dining table as my "house". I love how as kids, we weren't scared to get down on a dirty floor to play!


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