Friday, 1 May 2015

Make A Map Real

Sometimes a weekend play idea just comes naturally if you have some ready-play materials hanging around.  Here's how some of the play ideas I wrote about before came together like fate: our sensory tub of rice, tree trimmings, a map from a zoo trip and some random toys.

I would like to say that this is great spatial intelligence practice, but heck it's just something I wanted to play with myself.  When I was a kid, the setup was sometimes more fun than the actual play.

I was so distracted, I didn't get a chance to snap a shot of the play invitation.  The idea was to make a small-world zoo using the map we have as a guide.

I had put out those clear acrylic boxes to use as an aquarium, but it was entirely her idea to cut up some blue origami paper to use as water.  She and I went back and forth inside her room to grab supplies she thought of in the middle of the setup. 

The feel of the rice in the bin is so addicting:

Here's part of the River Safari Zoo in Singapore.  With her favourites red panda and panda amid the forest enclosure - old tree trimmings from the Christmas tree scraps I saved:

Left: panda enclosure.  Right: aquariums with river life

She used her wooden blocks to make the African animals area:

Finally, she wanted to make the polar bear enclosure with water beads:

Yes we have this box of water beads (Orbeez in toy stores) ready in her toy closet.

And ice:

Until she said it was ready for the polar bears to move in:

The zoo is ready for play!

I put the zoo bin back in the roll-out drawer for ready access for a few weeks, but this is one time the process of play trumps the result.

Unless the result is this, that is!

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  1. wow, my husband's a professional map geek and I bet he'd love to do something like this with the girls someday! maybe in a couple of years or so, though. right now they're more likely to throw things around instead of setting them up :D

    1. I am so curious what a "professional map geek" is!! Even better then, if he can draw then just make a "map" out of a square and four things in each corner. The twins can match and sort. :)

  2. I'd love to try these with the kids!

    1. You did the opposite for your Singapore trip! Aliw!

  3. I love this! Your posts are making me excited for my and Cara's future! :)

  4. Love this post! =) =) great shots as well! can't wait to do this with little P very soon!! =) so all of those animals are Tomi Ania?

    1. Most of them! The panda, red panda, polar bear, hippo, rhino, lion and the largest gorilla. Pretty good toys no?:)


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