Friday, 5 February 2016

More Twinkly Lights to Love

Now that Typo is in Manila, I am equal parts delighted and dismayed.  

It was easy to hold back on the decor coochies during trips to Singapore, but now hoo boy.  Everything is just too tempting for someone who is never done changing things up at home.

I went crazy for their battery-operated twinkle lights over the holiday season.  

a dreamy cascade of lights over our bed - these are the last lights I switch off at night

Pink twinkle lights in copper wire make a marquee out of our existing wooden letters
in Ladybug Girl's stage area
I love them so much, I'm not taking them down for a very very long time.
At least until the battery-expense guilt outweighs the joy.

But hey there's always rechargeables!

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