Friday, 12 February 2016

This is My Home Office Set-up. Seriously.

I thought I'd give you a laugh and show you where important business calls and global webex conferences happen when I work from home:

I kid you not.  This is the only spot in my home where I have decent Globe signal.
What it is, is a window in my bedroom that faces a wall and the air-conditioning exhaust fans.
Glamorous isn't it?

Most times you'll see my head sticking out of the window and occasionally saying "is this better?  can you hear me now?".  I look ridiculous balancing a laptop on the ledge.  At its worst I step out of my gate and wander our village streets, hoping the sound of cars isn't too distracting for my telco colleagues.

I could at least have a pleasant view.  But as you see it is depressing and it needs therapy.
Please help me, o domestic goddesses out there.

It used to look like this a few years ago, when our master bedroom had a makeover:

Beautiful green Thai and baby bamboo in planter boxes

Not long after, the Thai bamboo grew fast.  The beautiful green leaves are now above the roof and all I see from the window are the trunks.  And then summer came and the air-conditioning exhaust fans killed the baby bamboo.

Believe me no plant could live here.  We tried three times.

And so because I have learned my lesson before,  I called in the big guns.

Fake bamboo.


They fooled my mom.  Did they fool you?

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