Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Not A Bad DIY Project

I have this weird habit of removing labels from things in the bathroom.  I think it's from working in the marketing business : I know packaging is made to stand out in store shelves rather than look pretty in the homes.  My bathroom is the one place I cannot stand visual clutter.

That's why when Beabi and Muji became available in Manila, I now decant most of the liquids that need to be on display into bottles like these:
Unlabeled Muji bottles do so much to clear visual clutter

Then last week, Awesome Guy put this in the bathroom.  
This was not awesome.

All I said was "yuck".  And shortly after, I found he did this.  No prompting from me.

Not the outcome I wanted, but it's compromise.  This will make me smile before I hide it away eventually.

Not a bad DIY project from the hubby!


  1. I do the exact same thing! If I can't remove the label (label is printed directly on the packaging or label stickers leave a dirty mark) I turn the product around to reveal a blank side. It's crazy! And it means more expenses by buying decanters but I love doing this.

    Also, I used to do what Awesome Guy did to the air freshener when I used to live with my mother before getting married. It would drive her insane! Haha!

    1. Try this trick to remove sticky/dirty labels: soak in a bowl of water overnight. The labels peel right off with no residue!

  2. Totally agree! Commercial-label-less products look much, much better!

    Another option is Goo Gone. Bought mine from True Value (haven't tried Manila Fashion Observer's Grandma's Secret Goo Remover) but am starting to think regular Johnson's Baby Oil will work just as well to take out the goo (or what I call sticky-kuliki) from those pesky price stickers and ghastly branded labels.

    Oh, and in case you don't want to mix up your lotion with your face cream, you might want to check out these repositionable sticker labels here (http://101gramsofeyecandy.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-best-of-em-all-repositionable.html). Eyecandy sells them for P140 per sheet. :)

    Loving your blog S.Moon! Keep writing! :)

    1. I can't believe they sell sticker goo remover - racket!! Thanks, "dots" - your blog inspired me!


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