Monday, 11 February 2013

After-Work Valentine Project: Air-Dry Hearts

Determined to make up for a lack of Christmas play with Ladybug Girl, I came home after work a few weeks ago and mustered up some energy for a more elaborate floor time activity with her.  

This one activity lasted three days, so we always had something ready to do together after I got home from work.  Bonus.

I usually ignore 'make your own playdough' ideas, but this one was a no-cook recipe and doubled as air-drying clay (which is a bit expensive from National Bookstore).  The ingredients were so easy that I had everything in-stock.  I put up the recipe on her white board for her to follow - it makes her feel like a real cook.

"Incorporate" is from a cooking show she likes to watch on the iPad.  Why not, right.
I like to prepare things to practice pouring and measuring.  The water in the teapot is pre-measured.
She liked the different feel of salt vs. flour

She kept checking the recipe on the board for what's next

Yup, water.  She mixed and then tried kneading with her hands, but stopped short of finishing
Her interest was renewed when I brought out the rolling pin.  She could finally work it!

Cut out hearts with cookie cutters
Poke holes with a straw and let the ornaments dry overnight

The next day I arrived earlier than my usual after-dinner time.  So we started to paint both sides:
Use acrylic paint for bright, intense color.  We left it again to dry for the next day
The next night, we painted on some glue with a paintbrush and sprinkled glitter:

I strung it up on her makeshift 'center stage' area:
I'm not one for girly-girl things, but these are just the right touch of whimsy to her room.

Now I don't think I want to take them down, even after Valentines.

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  1. Your center stage area is soooo pretty! Happy Valentine's Day!


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