Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Leave Behind Tray: 3D Life Cycles

This toy set went on half-off sale in Toys R Us many months ago, and it was perfect because we were reading about butterfly life cycles:
I think this marked down to Php 180 pesos and it had all of the stages from egg to butterfly.  You can find similar ones on Amazon too.
It was nearly a perfect match to her book!  (National Bookstore, less than Php 100)

After we went through the book and matched it with the toy figures, I put together a leave-behind tray on her playroom shelves while I'm at the office.  Leave-behind trays are my thing.  Can you guess what these 'answer spaces' are?

They're Play-Doh lids.  I never throw them but I never know what do with them.

But look how perfect.  Whee.
I'm not going to lie : this was around four months ago when I was an eager-beaver wannabe Montessori mom.  I've since realized how some things are just not sustainable in terms of pre-work.  This is one of them.  

It was super fun to think of, but I've yet to do it again.  (Maybe if she didn't tire of things too easily...?)  I mean, I used a LABEL MAKER, and all.  Over.  I'm trying to keep it much more simple now.

But oh, how satisfying it was to come home to a sight like that one up there.  There's a frog life cycle set too I remember...

Somebody stop me.

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