Friday, 15 February 2013

Play Ball! Weekend

With her growing confidence in her gross motor skills, Ladybug Girl has been building up her muscle memory : climbing, balancing and jumping every chance she gets.  

She has renewed love for Gymboree with these new skills.
(Kids are so advanced these days - that giant little boy with her is four too!)
So with adding to her muscle memory in mind, I rigged up some beginner ball play in our garage area a few weekends ago:

Our trusty beach ball tied to a long piece of ribbon = BASEBALL

And she is holding a long carton tube that used to hold wrapping paper = BAT

The other end of the ribbon is tied to this, which is stuck to the ceiling = ANCHOR
We also swung it between ourselves to catch = TIMING AND AIM

Then she started jumping to whack the ball = COORDINATION

The right thunk sound teaches her to hit with more force = AUDIO LEARNING
Then as usual she thought of another balancing game = JUST FOR FUN

And now I'm going to need to buy some shorts because our pictures are getting a little embarrassing, sweetheart.

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