Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Last-Minute Snack Assignment

Last-minute solutions have been the story of my life - and the last day of school was no exception.  Luckily what my domestic skills lack, my corporate spin skills compensate for.

Two days before school ended, we got a memo asking for extra snacks to be shared for the last breaktime of the school year.  No junk food allowed.

I contemplated repeating my solution last year:

Instant snack : Mary Grace ensaymadas are universal!

But frankly I was too pooped to park and run to Serendra after work.  
And so this was Plan B:

Awesome Guy picked this up for a total of Php 400.  Cheaper too!

Lastly, a little packaging detail.

Believe it or not, the pretty paper is on-hand: leftover from my DIY wedding place cards years ago.

And just like that, it all suddenly looks like something planned.
(*fist bump* for all working moms!)

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