Friday, 1 March 2013

Leave-Behind: Color Mix Bags

Usually we love messy play, but this was a great no-mess activity to either leave-behind (while I'm at work) or take-along (while we're on trips).

Ironically it started from a mess.

The first round of Ladybug Girl toy purging.  I'm calling it the first round because I'm still not done.  Sigh.

I was going to purge out these:

Petrified paint from an art paint set - I don't know why it globbed together like this

But also found old zipper sandwich bags in the purge pile, and felt guilty for throwing it out just because it looked crumpled and dirty.  You can guess what happened:

Purging got sidetracked for the moment

I had planned to stick the whole bag down with washi tape like this genius idea below:

But someone arrived from school and caught me.  So I handed her the bag to play with so I could have a few more minutes of purging.

 I asked her to guess what color it would make, and find out for herself.
Bonus fine motor skills practice, too.

Unfortunately I forgot to take an 'after-play' picture to capture what it looks like.  The petrified paint was a little too solid to mix well for little fingers, but it would have worked better with the normal paint consistency.

Also one tip for me to remember is that old zipper bags are not best for this kind of play, no matter how good the idea seems.




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