Sunday, 28 April 2013

After-Work Play: Easy Ref Cake

The Lord truly blesses working mothers with bursts of energy.  Most days I'm so tired when I come home, but having someone so happy to see me gives me that extra boost I need to resist the urge to tune out and snooze.

After-work play is one thing I need to keep working on for quality time and ideas.  Otherwise, half the time it's iPad.  Thankfully, I have a mental stock of Pinterest ideas to grab from.  

This was one of them : a quick no-bake cake to make together.  Just thirty minutes - and it was yum.   

Thanks to my lovely lovely friend, Nessie, for the pin.

We just got lucky everything was on hand.  Her lola had just given her this:

Regular graham crackers works too.  I put it in a ziploc for her to mash with a meat hammer - instant piecrust. 

Then we made the filling with 1/4 cup cream cheese, strawberry yogurt (1/3 of the cup) and honey to taste:

We used honey instead of sugar because "sugar is bad for the teeth".
(I love kids educational shows no matter what anyone says.  She never would have gotten that from me.)

"Stir stir stir, till everything's a blur" - she still says this quote from our favorite blog My Milk Toof.

I cut up the frozen berries and we added them to the filling.

Assembly time:

Lastly, some berries on top to make it pretty.


Awesome Guy and I finished it the next day.

Tired as I was, doing an activity that was different from most days was a nice little energizer.  While other moms bake for talent, I bake for play.  Or guilt.    

Yeah, I have my issues.  Hence the blog!

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