Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cheap Thrills: Happy Doses of White

I realize that white may be boring to some, but it's my favorite accent color.  And as my dark corner project taught me so well, adding white brightens up spaces instantly.

Recently, I changed up all our fading sofa seats to a denim white - all with slipcovers for easy cleaning. My home instantly looks less gloomy.

Living room back in 2011 had too many browns and neutrals.  Rookie mistake.

Then I became braver in embracing color for my happy casual style.

Starting with some graphic art and a bold slipcover color.

And now with my cheap sofa fading with age, I moved to white to lessen the browns in the room.

Work-in-progress, but the colors pop a lot more now. 

Same goes for the dark corner sofa:

Where I stopped since last February

Now the sofa is white too!

And finally even the lazy boy (again) is white :

The red was pretty but the the cloth didn't last long.

And if you notice all the lighting fixtures : they're white too!  In fact I may have a white lantern fixation because I have 14 of them installed in my home - the ones by the foyer above are the most recent additions.

White paper lanterns were an interim solution when we moved in, but now I can't let go.
Except for the fancy one in the living room, these are actually a replacement --
the first ones yellowed after four years.

Best of all, I put off buying new sofas and thus proved to Awesome Guy that the cheap ones we bought six years ago will last a long time.  Total cost including these white slipcovers are still way cheaper than if I bought a hoity-toity-priced set.

Not so boring anymore, is it.


  1. i just love white too!!! too clean to see and comfy.. relaxing parang pure na pure.. can we be friends? haha..


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