Sunday, 11 August 2013

Random August Wisdom

I'm feeling overwhelmed with so much to do this August, it's making me tense and high-strung.

First there's Ladybug Girl's birthday party in September and I've barely gotten started.  Maybe because this year, she chose the theme herself and I don't know what to do.  

She voted this as her #1 theme (see the 'one' on the side?)

Of all the things she loves, she loves joking about poop.

Sweetheart, when you read this when mommy is old and grumpy, remember that you had a fun childhood anyway.

And then there's the end of our roof/outside areas renovation which turned into a kitchen renovation. There's still so much mess to clean up - I spent all day cleaning a kitchen I don't even cook in!

We'd never ever get to do this again, so we took advantage of the gutted kitchen to play in the newly-opened space

Sweetheart, when you're a wife and blaming mommy for not teaching you how to cook, remember that you can learn that at any age but bubbles are only magical when you're four.

And then there has been a series of bad luck at work, one after the other.  My talent-exchange teammate from Thailand says that whenever that happens we should go to nine wats (temples) to attract good fortune.  Interesting - what do we do in Manila?     

Sweetheart, when you're working and stressed, remember there's nothing a little washi tape can't fix.

Ok, me-time over.  Back to cleaning house!


  1. this is sweet. :) and she looks super batchoy in the picture :D

  2. She does now that I see it again!

  3. Don't grow up too fast Ladybug Girl! =)


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