Monday, 19 August 2013

The Perfect Doctor Kit

I realized I was a toy doctor's kit snob when I couldn't find anything I liked over all of Ladybug Girl's four years.  They were either too-cheap plastic, or too-basic wooden ones.  So I just DIY'd one.

Making one of our own made so much sense, I wish I had done this earlier.

All you need is: a plastic briefcase (I had one from our egg timer set packaging but you can get them from school supplies), a glue gun and anything you can use to create cubbyholes in the kit.  Ours had:

  • caps to create compartments (these were from shaving cream and facial wash)
  • a pretty box from my boss which once held chocolates
  • 2 empty poster paint containers
  • a cardboard box packaging

Glue something sturdy to create some backing (this is optional, but I used a spare placemat), and then just stick down the organizers however you want

Something like this:

I debated about wrapping that cardboard box, but maybe if I had more time.

The cubbyholes keep the tools in place even when the doc is on call.  Woot!  No more tool jumble.
(What, don't you hate that too?)

What makes this the perfect kit?  You can customize the tools according to your little one's interest.  
Or Doc McStuffin's.

Here's a closeup of ours:  

Doesn't that just make you want to dive in and... heal things?

And if that doesn't, the washi tape on the front label will.

I did this before sticking it down.

Enough of the slapdash DIY, more play!  
This customized kit has inspired a lot more doctor play around here. 

So many patients, so little time!

24/7 Doctor is on Call

Filling up the jars herself (this is ripped paper)

Washi tape for scissor practice and  a great bandaid on daddy's sleeping back

He needed an injection

And another bandaid.

Mike needed an eye patch too.

And so did I.  I'm not doing this again though.

On my list of other playstuff that are better off DIY'd: cleaning supplies, tents and bath toys.  I'd say play kitchens, but I don't have the talent of paperminties.  

What play thing do you prefer to DIY?


  1. So creative! Looks like a legit doctor's kit. I see Awesome Guy pitches in too in his own way during playtime. Haha!

    1. Passive playmate but a playmate nonetheless!

  2. Awww, thank you for mentioning paperminties on this blog post! I just read it now. I'm so touched! I love the DIY Doctor's Kit! I want to copy you! I've been purchasing real syringes for hand control (transferring liquids) but it's all over the place and her Doctor's Kits are the plasticky ones. I should get on to DIY-ing one in the near future! = )

    1. Maybe not TOO near a future! Can't wait to see what you'll be up to next! Dapat the next Paperminties product is DIY toys!


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