Friday, 13 September 2013

Leave-Behind a DIY Aquarium

If you've been seeing our pattern, every couple of posts are about ideas to leave behind a thoughtful play environment for kids while mom works all day at the office.  I like to change up the shelf displays in her preschool playroom now and then with super-easy ideas that keep Ladybug Girl away from the iPad learning with fun.

Now I'm sorry but you're going to get another bad photo of me taken by my daughter after a stressful work day.  We Filipinos call this the basahan look:

It's Aquasand.  I finally bought this stuff because it went on 50% off in toy stores.
For an easy alternative you can use colored sand found in National Bookstore.
Buying two colors and seeing them mix would be fun.  Heck, plain sand would work.

Here is the invitation on her shelf:

Aquasand + Plastic box + Plastic ocean animals.  Add an imaginative suggestion and that's it.
She knows how to get water from the faucet herself, otherwise I would add a plastic pitcher of water. 

Here it is all done just one day later:

She loved it so much we did it together after work one day.

This was nice so that we could name the animals one-by-one as she put them in.

As Ladybug Girl says: easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

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