Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Master Bedroom is Ours

The day after Ladybug Girl's 5th birthday party at home, she finally slept in her room by herself.

There was no whining, no fear, no "whose turn is it [to sleep with me] tonight?".  There was only two books before bedtime, our prayer after lights out, and that was it.  No yaya with her.  No drama.

I wanted someone to give me a medal.

(Dear international readers, indulge me.  You are probably rolling your eyes at this non-event)

And just like that the master bedroom is back to me and -- whatwashisnameagain - Awesome Guy.  It could not have come a moment too soon.

For five years, our co-sleeping master bedroom has looked how I felt.
I loved co-sleeping but hated how it threw off the room's layout. 

In the last few days of the kitchen renovation, I asked our handymen for a paint job and some drill work.  Here is what the room looks like today:

It's so peaceful I could happily go back to my teen years and hibernate in the bedroom.  I wouldn't even call it a makeover because it was hardly finished before Ladybug Girl arrived.  It's more like a six-year decorating project.

Would you like a retelling with photo details?  My husband would.  He's had no idea what the end goal was.  (Frankly neither did I apart from buy no furniture.)

First: the bed!  We had our bed made for a really low price when we got married.  Problem: it was turning orangey which I now know is normal for clear-stained ordinary wood.

Solution: painted it white!  Splurging on good sheets doesn't hurt either.
Others are a shoes-and-bags kind of girl; I'm a sheets-and-underwear kind.

Next is my favorite: light, glorious light.  This room was the darkest spot of the house.  It was only great for sleeping in -- and what working mom has that daily luxury?

This was the amount of light we would get at 9 am:

No camera adjustment here.  Welcome to the twilight zone.

The window view was actually just a hollow block wall so we kept it covered all the time.

My bad window dressing choice for five years

This is what it looks like now:

The wall is smoothed out, with some Thai and baby bamboo in built-in planters.
We also finally put in some custom blinds. 

Awesome Guy's brilliant solution:

He re-did the entire roof side with acrylic roofing sheets

The view from the bed was important to me because it's what would greet us in the morning.  I actually loved the Blik wall decals that were there, but they had to go because it would be overload with all the stuff on the opposite wall.

But I miss them now.  My sister-in-law brought them from the States so they were hard to part with.
This was my final shot to say goodbye to them.

I still need to work on finishing this side.  I need a plant and a better fan in that corner.

Lastly, what's on the walls and the side tables on either side of the bed.

The side tables don't match (I tried) and there's no symmetry on either side of the bed (tried that, too).  But they work for us because we needed space for the desk we had.  

I hung a mirror up high to bounce more light around.  The yellow art is actually a dish towel, the gray art is a cut-paper piece from Bungalow 300, and the ones on the left are postcards.

The wall art is actually a piece of the old kitchen counter that we just took down.  I love that it was part of this old beloved house where my husband grew up.  So it's on his side of the bed.  The nightstand was a hand-me-down from my mom-in-law that we painted white.

Finally the art above our bed - it has been through a lot in the last three years:
Flipped and hung multiple ways.

This was special because we got it at a fabric store during our first trip to San Francisco, 
and our first and only trip without Ladybug Girl.  

The lady at Britex looked at me strangely when I said I was going to hang it up.
But I loved that it was our color scheme perfectly.

I'm sure there are a lot of imperfections my amateur eye hasn't seen, but I love the process of being creative at home.  Because anyone can do it!  Just do what you love, and play play play.  

Our homes should be our happy place.
Especially the bedroom *wink*wink*

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