Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Poopoo Party

The big dilemma in throwing a poopoo party was to figure out how to make it on-theme yet tasteful.  I wasn't sure I had the creativity or time for this. 

A corporate mom's savior came in the form of mom-preneur paperminties.  I rarely rave, but glory-be she's awesome.  After reading her blog and finding out about her handmade party decor services, I got in touch to inquire if she was available.  It was she who convinced me that of course, we must choose the theme that makes the celebrant happy.

I needed to hear that.

She made it so easy to get started on my planning.  A simple pinterest board (here) and color theme was enough for her to get brainstorming while I did my yearly tradition of making an invite/banner.

Did you notice my subtle-yet-obvious-to-her theme?  Is it a poop drop or a hershey kiss?  It's both!
All I know is basic photoshop and that's enough to steal shamelessly from web images.

So far I've kept the old banners because every year we play invented 'hopscotch' games on them as we put up the new one.

I chose lanterns instead of balloons to go up two weeks early because of a business trip that would take me away for 10 days.  One less thing to worry about!

But I had to pay the price so these will be reused for more return on investment.
Save time and order these online at Celebrations.

Our school giveaways offset the cost, though.  Just 30 pesos a head. 
Bubble wands + 2 bottles of bubble juice from the 88 store.  It's unrelated but I couldn't risk giving chocolates and giving some co-parents grief.   What kid doesn't love bubbles!

Delegating to the packaging crew.

Unfortunately I didn't delegate the invites in time because I crammed them.  In bed.  At midnight.
Simple printouts become more thoughtful with a ribbon for a bookmark.  I do have a laminator (don't ask) which I needed to use more anyway.

I wonder if anyone even noticed the poop/kiss?

While that was going on, paperminties was doing her thing.  She sent me this, which already looks so professional to me but to her these were just mock-ups.

Suddenly poop is cute and tasteful.

Fast forward to the day of the party!

It was nice to get the celebrant involved in preps.  She shoveled the sand in our pots and stuck the paperminties centerpieces in them.
I really love how handmade and personal it is.
I saw the standee service while I was having her banner printed, and I instantly ordered a 'hipoopooray' one. It was just 150 pesos at Empro.

Other poopoopartay highlights:

Dessert table

Giant Cupcake by Sonja's was a no-time-to-canvas choice.  A little underwhelmed by it considering the price tag went from 700 pesos to 2,000 pesos in just three years.

The kiddie dessert tables had make-your-own poop desserts.
Poopoo Cupcakes: we baked brownie mix cupcakes the night before, and I put chocolate frosting in the piping bags.  Topped with maltesers, her favorite chocolate. 
Worms in Oreo Poopoo: crush oreos, scoop into cupcake liners and add gummy worms.

Brownie cake with homemade cream cheese frosting and malteser poop on top

Would you believe our family and friends all came in brown?  Such love and support.

This blew my mind: a  lovely Tita and Lola wore these shirts and even gave us our own.

Ladybug Girl's preferred guest list were her cousins.

Playdate kind of parties are the best.
I did not want to stress over those party packages that are becoming the norm.  So expensive!!! 

I didn't have time this year to setup more play areas, but to illustrate are last year's super-cheap playdate party activities:

Turn the bubble machine toy on

The classic pabitin

Bring a dog
Paint freehand on a paper banner stuck together.  Paint freehand with a dog.
Find the most treasures hidden in a sand box
Play with shaving cream
Mix colors and concoctions at the water and food coloring station

You get the idea: cheap and maybe even more fun.  
I was dreading a clown or magician yelling "poopoo!" - horror.

But back to the poopoo party and fast-forward to the end.

And then one month later today.
It's only now I've recovered from the preps enough to share with you.

And no family picture to show for all that effort!

Anyone else out there hit by the slacker bug after an important event?  Yeah that's me: wedding day, business reviews, and my daughter's birthday parties.  


  1. I love reading your posts. This poopoo party makes me feel like I want one for myself. Haha. Thank you for always being so generous with your parenting wisdom!

    1. Thanks, Chely! Ohmy I didn't mean for it to be wisdom. Is my age showing?? Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by and taking a moment to comment. I'm glad you did or I would have discovered your impressive blog later rather than sooner!

  2. I'm so sad that I missed the party of the year!! The preps looked like so much fun. I'm sure Ladybug Girl was beyond the moon with her dream poopoo party. Great job DIY Corporate Mom! I can't believe she's 5 already, especially when you posted a photo of her birthday banners side by side. Sniff!

  3. Yes me too!! We missed the Magneatos!!


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