Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Two Ways to Make Play Oceans

My officemate just told me about this cute new service called Sandbox that delivers monthly kiddie play packages to your home.  I love the idea that kids get mail!  The only thing is - it's pretty expensive.   And since I'm neither an early-adaptor nor am I Daphne Osena, I will try my best to ignore the temptation.

Their first package is on ocean play - and it's my inspiration for this next post on our 'weekend play series'.  So easy, messy and fun:

First up, an ocean in the kitchen.  Make blue gelatin and freeze some plastic sea animals
Careful, it's hot!  For younger kids, you can just prep ahead and let them pour the cooled mixture.
Pouring is great practical life work in Montessori schools.
Put the animals in and spend time talking about them or playing pretend.
You could also let the kiddos be the ones to wash the plastic toys first.

Once chilled and firm, practice slicing and scooping to serve.
Test their animal memory or use this as a lesson in what's what.  Keep playing!

It melts fast, so be prepared for this messy part!  This was berry-flavored and so sweet, that we just went ahead and let it melt.  Later on yaya diluted it with water and made herself a yummy juice.  If you can't find blue gelatin, you can always add food coloring to the clear kind.

Second, make a beach with tray of sand and colored water.

This would make a great lesson on beach animals
This time you can use more options for the blue color.  A little watercolor or poster paint, even.
This one was an expired bottle of Listerine Mouth Rinse for kids.  Hahaha.  It smelled great!
Sensorial play is really still her favorite kind.
Check out our other sand play ideas particularly for toddlers here and for art here.

Inevitably weekend play becomes super random:

I remember doing this when I was a kid, do you?

I still love the play-package-by-mail as a gift idea.  I think gifts you can happily throw money at, but playing with your child doesn't have to be one of them.   All we moms need is a weekend to follow our child's imagination.

And maybe Pinterest.

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