Saturday, 11 July 2015

Koinoburi in the Playroom

The Japanese have a national holiday "Children's Day" in blessing and hope for a good future that is healthy and well.  I think this tradition honouring children is lovely.
A koinoburi, a carp flag, is hung in households during this day.  I bought this sweet version:
And hella expensive.  So I only bought one.

If I follow tradition, I'm supposed to get a dad, a mom and a baby one in gradually smaller sizes like this:
Other bigger sizes
Here's the baby koi in her bedroom now:
This makeover is all part of my decluttering project to make the room more restful and peaceful.  After we had her room painted two years ago, the old decor just kind of stuck.

Those Ikea rainbow curtains are cute but after adding back the leave-behind trays and toys in the room, it feels too busy.  After Christmas and a trip to Singapore River Safari, this mess stuck for months:

A little holding-area for flavours of the month that never gets updated!

I much prefer a minimal look to the space today.

 Only a thousand more tweaks to go!

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