Monday, 13 July 2015

Meet Our Book Cart

I packed away the lovely wooden grocery stand and play food awhile ago, but one thing remained: her shopping cart!  It has a better life as a book cart today:

We have a spare room which we use as a "library" and since introducing her to the "new" book cart, it's getting a lot of use carting armloads of books with fewer clutter and a lot more independence:

It's also useful when this little librarian is reminded to return her books to the shelves:

I thought she looked sooo independent but on another such day, I spotted this:
This cracked me up!
A reminder that children need clarity and demonstration when giving instructions.

I love making little things work for kids in the home!  It's like a cool social experiment!
What are the social experiments that worked in your home?
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  1. So cute! We have a huge collection on our book shelves in our living room, so every 3 or 4 days we rotate 6-8 books to be kept on the bed side for bed time reading! We kinna do the same thing as this, but w/o the cart!

  2. Awesome! I tried to do that with our bedtime reading (the ones I liked reading aloud with her) but they always end up being put away when I'm back at work!:/


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