Friday, 3 July 2015

When I Pick Her Up From School

Of all the bittersweet moments of being a working mom, 
those rare days of picking up my daughter from school are classic.  


Her shriek of happiness and the look of joy that lights up her face make me feel like a winner.  
I'm the best mom in that moment.  

It also makes me feel like a loser.  
I'm the absent mom for the school days before that one.

On a rare day, straight from work and on leave for the afternoon

When I pick her up from school, I always observe my co-fetchers and wonder what is it they do for a living.  I like to assume they're rich entrepreneurs or housewives-who-lunch.  Humor me.  To have freedom with your time is truly rich by my standards.  

When I pick her up from school, I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.  Everyone knows everyone else, yayas included.  I swear, making friends with fellow-parents is like grade school all over again.

Last week I got up the courage to talk to a fellow-mom beside me.  I confided that I always marvelled how some parents were there everyday.  She told me that she had just left her job last week and it was her first time to pick up her daughter!  And her daughter?  She had that same lit up face when she saw her mommy.

The truth is when I pick up my daughter from school, I like to pretend that I'm that mom I spoke to last week.  When being there is the most important priority of her day.  And her daughter feels it.

And maybe more importantly, so does she.  

When I pick her up from school, it's a day when my priorities walk the talk. 
When I'm living the dream of having it all.   

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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. :) I know how you feel here! We might not be there everyday but we cherish it every time we can make it. Some SAHM friends have told me that though they are physically with their kids 24-7 sometimes it becomes a case of going through the motions and they are not quite Present and Connected. We all try I guess! Works in progress. :)

  2. Hi! It's me. P's mom. It's so funny that you captured that day we met at school here. Well, it's been 8 months since i left work full-time and i STILL get that reaction on the rare days that i can squeeze in a pick up from school. It triggers the same bittersweet feelings, I promise, whether you're at work full time or trying to meet writing deadlines at home. ha ha! So i say we just relish those "Mommmmmy!" greetings while they're willing to dish them out so publicly. ha ha ha!


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