Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Buckets of Fake Plants

I love my buckets of fake plants.  Decor judges do your worst.  It's supposed to be one of the most horrible things you could do in the rules of home decor.

I don't care.  You would go fake too if you spent nearly four years trying to put some green life in this:

This spot is a brick wall on our garage.  My sister gave me those decor boxes when we moved in and I spray-painted them white myself then.  I had them hung high so that they would be a welcoming sight from the gate when our car pulls up.    I wanted that spot to greet me "welcome home!  love, your plants".

Unfortunately they never held any living thing for long.

I found those fake lemongrass-y things two years ago in Rustan's Flower Shop and bought them out.  They were horribly expensive but didn't look too fake.  Worth it.

Especially when I had so much fun in the last two years with them:

Christmas buckets from Rustan's

The buckets held mini Christmas trees last year

Halloween buckets.  I painted those pumpkin lanterns four years ago and they are still amazingly intact.

Awesome Guy found the buckets in Pioneer Supermarket for 130 pesos each.  I love them!

And today they are as healthy as ever:

Pretty aluminum plant pots from Ikea, and a long awaited makeover of the grills on top

I'm still trying to crack Project Green (the real deal) inside the house, because we need some healthy air inside.  But for this spot, I love this practical solution.

Now when I pull up the car to the driveway, that spot says "outsmarted us, you modern thinking woman! love, your plants".  And it's just the warm fuzzy feeling I need.


  1. Seriously, how do you have time to do all these? Love them though! The plants and especially the Halloween buckets! Even the green brick wall, actually. :)

    1. I don't have time nga - that's why it took two years to capture the photos for this post ;)

  2. I have the same problem. Indoor plants always die on me! The only one that works for me is the ubiquitous rubber plant (or welcome plant) which grows like a beast without me doing anything special to it (water only once a week, propogate by snapping off a single leaf and sticking it in soil).


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