Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Bed With A View

Today I am stuck in bed after an exhausting night.  

No, not like that.

I am stealing a few moments of relative peace until Ladybug Girl comes home from school shortly.
Until the guilt of not checking work email becomes urgent.
Until the bathroom calls yet again.

Sorry, TMI.

And so as I lie in bed amid the hammering in the last-minute kitchen renovation,
I am enjoying this new view:

Ignoring the random clutter on my side of the dresser, of course.  And the blurry phone pic.

That was my instant-DIY project last weekend you see.  
Not the brown one (that one is real art I bought), but the white one framed.
  It is, of all things, a seven-year old pillowcase.  

I bought it during a business trip to India.  But frankly, it's only pretty to look at but feels too rough.
I didn't want to give it away, so in a moment of clarity I found a way to reuse this broken-glass frame:

I didn't even cut the pillowcase.  I just stuck a piece of cardboard inside.

Instant art.

And if it gets dirty, what's another wash?

Art is what you love, and this is mine.  I kind of like framing pillowcases cos I'm weird like that.

I'm not really an artsy one, you see.  I did not understand the fuss over the Andy Warhol paintings.

What's your art style?  Of dots and things buys real art with meaning for herself.  I considered it, but I'm scared to plunk down a lot of money for paintings I could get tired of.  Unless it's this:


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