Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My 'Signature of Love'

I am hesitant but proudly disclose that the corporate side of 'DIY Corporate Mom' is: managing the Johnson's Baby brand for the Philippines.

Why am I hesitant?  Because I don't want to handle sponsorship requests, cast-my-baby requests, and the occasional complaint on this blog, thankyouverymuchplease.  But I wouldn't have an authentic voice if I covered that up when the point of this was to put myself out there contrary to my usual self.

Did I really just say "authentic voice"?  See, my marketing lingo is already obvious.

Of all the brands I've put my precious time on, there are only three that I truly admire: Dove, Modess, and Johnson's Baby.  Because these products were backed by outstanding science, and these brands uplifted women rather than made them feel insecure.

But of the three, my heart has fallen in love with Johnson's Baby.  It's an emotional reaction being a mom and recognizing the deep, cultural heritage it has in the Philippines.  It was a natural choice for my Ladybug (Baby)Girl even when I wasn't handling the brand.  I even used a lot of their products on myself.

I have the Lord and Universe to thank for getting to work on advocacies which mirror my own on this blog : to be hands-on and to use play to bond and teach my child.

I got to promote a great advocacy of an hour of play a day with Dep Ed and the truly remarkable Play Pilipinas

I got to do what I loved in college: hands-on volunteer work.  This was a playground donated to a community.

I even left mine and Ladybug Girl's  'signature thumbprint hearts' all over the tyre caterpillar.

And I get to do what I love about marketing best : tell stories that reflect real insights that matter.

Watch the new stories here and here and here.

To say that I relate a lot to my brand is a huge understatement.  Moms with so little time?  Heck yeah.  Creating natural 'signature' ways to make every moment count?  That's me, too.

Smelling her feet, and then going 'pbbbbbbt!' on her tummy at night and before I say goodbye in the mornings.
(Yes, she took this picture!)

Wrestling and slobbering kisses is Awesome Guy's signature of love.  I love to watch every time!

I wish I could share my own and be featured in the next story, but that just wouldn't be right, would it?  

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Instead I'm just sharing the love!

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