Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weekend Play: Painted Prints with Placemats

I was going to throw out these leftover foam coasters from our beginner-sewing activity, but I felt guilty  because they were technically brand new.

So I decided to use them to make free-hand prints.  I handed them to Ladybug Girl to cut into any shape:
scissor practice!

And then I sprayed a piece of cardboard with adhesive (or go over the whole thing with a glue stick) and then let her arrange the shapes she cut into her own design.

Now paint!

I caught a picture of her throwing down her paintbrush, upset with mommy for painting the last piece.  Whoops.

Lastly, make a print by smoothing a piece of paper on top.  We even made a print of a print:

The coasters made a nice effect.

Inevitably, some free-hand painting and experimenting with other kinds of mono print techniques:

And the next thing I know, I come back from a bathroom break to this sight:

It wouldn't be the weekend without some messy play!

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